Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Google Rant

Once again I must jump onto my high horse about lack of caring in programming and follow through. Google - aka big brother of information collection and dissemination has created a wealth of things from their 'labs' to try out. BTW - almost everything @ Google is in perpetual beta - a great excuse to the question - "why doesn't this.....". Today's object of my disdain - Google finance -- which of course is Beta.

I'm confident after HAL learns of my speakings my account will be disabled or something.

Within this front screen which provides a goodly amount of information, then allows clicks to additional information. In true beta fashion - it also has a way to be displayed in their igoogle interface. This happens to be the method I use. With the market being mostly crazy the past 6 months I click through and read stuff with some level of frequency throughout the day. When clicking "Dow" you come to a screen that shows a 3-month or some other cool looking graph that is scrollable and in general has nice information. On the right is some news feeds - now for the past 6 days the news feeds on the right have been hit or miss at best with miss being far more operative. I haven't seen a real news update in over 6 days, and item "B" is still telling me about Chilean stocks from March 19. Something is clearly amiss in their reporting enginge.

Again - get it mostly there, call it a day - go check Google stock options, play some ping-pong, eat some donuts - or whatever it is developers do now.

BTW - also no way to send them a note and tell them it is broken. At least not that I can find.

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