Friday, February 19, 2010

How can we communicate with Microsoft about Office

Today I was ranting about the number of things that Microsoft has messed up in the new version of office.

I looked around for some pagination problems a friend was having. It was a monumental effort to get it to change to something manageable. The page number problems have abounded since Word 2000. Yes that's a decade people. How incredibly hard can it be to get page numbering right. Oh and by the way bullet numbering is frequently if not more often more frustrating than page numbering. How is it possible that bullets and levels are so darned hard. I worked for a company 25 years ago called Unilogic that made a product called Scribe. This would format all manner of documents and do it mostly correct from what I recall. How can things have gotten so hard to do now. Answer: needless complexity.

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