Sunday, February 21, 2010

Microsoft Silverlight

As evident by this Wiki post Microsoft's Silverlight which I think is supposed to be competition to Flash is 100% buzzword compliant. The first paragraph of the entry is chock full of buzzwords. Unfortunately the product is about a big a lose as one can imagine.

Right now I am trying to watch some Olympic coverage on NBC's website. It forced this upon me. First the controls - I hate them - now I can't say if this is NBC's doing or Microsoft's, either way - complete junk.

The wiki entry alone shows that this product epitomizes the need for this blog. This is hopelessly and needlessly complex. First, the plug-in didn't even notice that it was a plug-in. I had to download, install and restart my browser step-by-step. Again, don't know if this is NBC or Microsoft.

The view of the screen and "progress" bar gave no indication of buffering. When I tried to back up a bit, it reloaded and paused for a while, then finally showed me something.

If this is meant to be a competitor to youtube or google video - to use one word - FAIL!

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