Saturday, May 16, 2009

CBS MarketWatch - Changes I can live without

Yet another web site lambasted today. CBS MarketWatch decided to change their charting software over the past week. This site formerly had a decent site that showed some interesting things that Google and Yahoo didn't support. It had a lot more detail and insight - oh - and their news feed actually worked better than Google's which I spoke about a few weeks ago. At least they had a way to contact them and provide feedback. Here's the note I sent the - let's see what happens.

      A few weeks ago I set up my charts to show 50,100,200 day moving averages. Today I came back to view charts and the charts had changed a lot. I understand change, however now I can no longer get 50,100,200 day MA, my choices are: 9,50 the click boxes look like they want to offer me the choice of 100,200 alas these do not work. Yet another fine piece of software engineering released upon the the world before it was ready. Which would be fine if you claimed it was Beta - but you didn't you just foisted it onto the world as a brand new feature. Care to discuss - send me an email. You won't.

The trend continues - Get it mostly there, call it a day.

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