Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Copying and Pasting Should Work - Shouldn't It?

So today I was instantly frustrated when copying a piece of a powerpoint document and sending it to a colleague for review. When I pasted it into outlook, it changed colors from a shade of green to a shade of red. Now I ask you - what could possibly be a valid explanation for this. I don't want to hear about palettes, templates, color cubes, and the like. If I select something in one window, and click copy, it should paste cleanly and properly into another window. This is OLE gone mad. When moving pieces of text from one document to another - it seems like it never gets the formatting right. In the never-ending attempt to get better and cooler, seems many have forgotten that "working simply" is an important thing. Per my quote at the top of the page:

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Tim said...

You pasted into your email client. That's still infinitely better than what I'd be able to do. I'd take Outlook's challenges over Notes' early-1990s interface and functionality any day.